Crisis and too much change cause fear. And fear can cause instability, even breakdown – of systems, and of individuals. Austria’s voters as well as the AfD supporters in Germany and renationalisation tendencies in many other EU member states are clearly signalling that people are unhappy with the change they see.

People now need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Clear words what will be done, and how it will be done  Political leaders cannot and will not get us out of this mess on their own. Some are more responsible than others that we got into it, but now all of us carry responsibility to master the series of crises we currently have to deal with.

Public Affairs professionals bear a particular responsibility – and possess a particular talent. The most important element to gaining  stability again is understanding. Public affairs professionals understand the context in which decisions are made, their origin, the reasons and the powers influencing these decisions. And we are used to formulating arguments in a way to convince our counterparts. We are therefore better placed than many others to contribute to the information that helps fight the fears of change and uncertainty. Clearly, not all public affairs professionals agree on the political measures that are or ought to be taken. But they are able to voice their opinions on what ought to be done – and against extremist reactions. It’s not only our votes, it’s our very own actions that count.

If you are a woman in public affairs and want to learn how to speak up more successfully in this regard, or for your job, your salary and your career – you are lucky, a few places are still left. Join us on 2 June in Brussels for our Leadership Workout for Women in Public Affairs: Job, Salary, Influence – how to best position yourself
With Irina Michalowitz and Julia Stamm:

As usual, best of luck and success from our side!

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