IM Consult is raising the bar in European public affairs, helping professionals to become better, stronger advocates for themselves and their causes.

IM Consult empowers people and companies to engage in the political process and get their voice heard and understood at every political level… no matter what your budget or background.

Irina Michalowitz founded IM Consult because she believes that everyone is entitled to make their case in European public affairs.

“You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to make your case and win in Brussels.”
– Irina Michalowitz



Irina is a savvy political strategist with over 15 years of experience helping companies successfully navigate some of the toughest business challenges in the halls of the European Parliament, Berlin’s Reichstag and Vienna’s corridors of power.

She is an unconventional strategist who offers innovative and fresh approaches to confront entrenched issues, especially in science and technology.

She leads with the belief that“the sky is the limit”, and not just because she’s a licenced pilot.

With a PhD in political science and as a certified coach, she offers unique insight into both the political process and human behaviour.

Irina is a sought after lecturer for her insider experience in European public affairs. She has an impressive record of scholarly publications, amongst them the leading German-language guide to EU lobbying.

She regularly lectures at Vienna University and has also lectured at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, the universities of Tübingen and Hamburg, Danube-University Krems, United Business Institutes and many other institutions.


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EU-Lobbying – Principals, Agents and Targets. Strategic interest intermediation in EU policy-making. 2004, Münster, LIT.


Articles and other publications



Interessenvermittlung im Wandel? (Interest intermediation in flux?) Special Issue 4/2007 of the Austrian Journal of Political Science (ÖZP).


Journal Articles/ Book chapters

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Working Papers

EU Lobbying: Professionals with limited impact. Euractiv (linked to book launch in Brussels) (June 2005).

The influence of interest groups in the EU. IHS-Working Paper Series, Department of Political Science (November 2005).

Party Position Changes through EU-membership? The (Non-) Europeanisation of Austrian, Finnish and Swedish Political Parties. IHS-Working Paper Series, Department of Political Science (April 2005) (with Sylvia Kritzinger).

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  • Teamleader European&International Affairs, Austrian Federal Railways (Brussels/Vienna)
  • Head of Brussels Office, mobilkom austria group/later Telekom Austria Group (Brussels)
  • Research Policy Project Manager, European Platform for Women in Science (Brussels)
  • Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna)
  • Assistant to the Public Affairs Director Brussels/Bonn/Berlin, TUI (Bonn/Brussels)


  • PhD, Political Science (University of Hamburg)
  • MBA, (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • MA, Political Science (University of Hamburg)
  • Certified Coach (Kick-Off Management Consulting, Vienna)


  • German
  • English
  • French


Public affairs is a team sport. You need lots of different skill sets to get your message across. Use our network to connect with the specialised support you need from professionals with a proven record you can trust.

Our network includes professionals across the public affairs spectrum including former officials, economists, journalists, social media experts, reputation managers and more.

Network services:

  • Media monitoring
  • Interest representation by video
  • Econometric analysis
  • Association Management
  • Sector expertise (particular focus: network industries)
  • Media relations
  • Public affairs recruitment
  • Event management
  • Strategic communication