Get insights with 1on1 coaching that will transform the way you advocate for your cause and conceive of your own potential. Whether you’re already in the Brussels bubble or trying to break in, our coaches can help you accelerate your career and advance your agenda.

Inside the bubble

Newcomers, juniors and mid-level

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If you’re a newcomer to public affairs or just starting out, don’t get stuck in the mediocre middle. We’ll help you to dream big and strive hard so that you rise to the top.

A successful public affairs career is built on more than just the right degree or social network. You need a strategy that leverages your core strengths and puts you on the fast track to success. Our coaches prepare you for a lifetime of achievement.

Common issues:

  • Identifying your winning formula
  • Selling your messages
  • Surviving interviews
  • Working successfully in teams

Women in public affairs

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Although women are increasingly present in public affairs, there are still too few in management and too many facing daily inequalities at work…

…Get empowered to break the glass ceilings you’re facing. Our coaches offer the insights and skills you need to lead. We understand the challenges you face, because we’ve been there ourselves and come out on the other side.

Common issues:

  • Salary negotiation – ensuring equal pay for equal work
  • Gender gaps at work
  • Balancing ‘Work-Life-Family’
  • Discrimination and harassment


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Public affairs is a team sport. And in multi-cultural Europe, it often involves people with diverse nationalities collaborating virtually across borders…

…Our coaches ensure that your team’s performance and productivity operates at the highest level. No matter whether your team is based in Brussels or connected via Boston or Beijing, we’ll give you the skills and insights to work powerfully as one.

Common issues:

  • Culture clashes
  • Persistent conflicts
  • Creating consensus
  • Establishing new leadership
  • Tracking progress virtually

Outside the bubble


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You’re an executive who feels the heat of politics in your business. You know what you need, but not how to get it…

…Our coaches will help you to understand how the political world works. We’ll show you what successful public affairs teams and campaigns can do for you and your business.

Common issues:

  • Navigating the EU bubble
  • Correctly anticipate political risk and business opportunity
  • Effectively reaching policymakers
  • Making your case to policymakers
  • Starting a PA team or campaign from scratch
  • Setting up successful internal PA communication structures

Senior & Middle Management

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Are you a senior professional with big PA ambitions? Learn how to market yourself, and at the right price… Or have you been seconded to Brussels to deal with a PA issue, and feel like a fish out of water? Get the skills you need to lead your team and win with policymakers and superiors. We get it, we can help.

…More and more business managers need to resolve public affairs issues despite having no formal public affairs training or experience. Our coaches can give you the crash course you need on Brussels and offer specific insights to get your issue moving in the right direction.

Others have spent years in public affairs and have proven that they’ve got what it takes to lead. But, something is still holding them back. Sounds like you? Together, we’ll knock down these barriers – real or imagined – to your own success.

Common issues:

  • Understanding policymakers: what they want and how to communicate with them
  • Intercultural management
  • Groups gone wrong
  • Bad bosses
  • New management
  • Gridlock/Stagnation/Burn-out


Lost in transition


A mid-level Public Affairs professional had returned to Brussels after a year of travelling the world. After a few months of unsuccessfully searching for a job, he wanted to establish a clear view of what he wanted, where to find it and how to get it.


  • Coaching to assess his capabilities, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Support with the job search, including access to the IMConsult Network.
  • Coaching to prepare for job interviews.


  • Many of the target companies invited him to interviews, resulting in securing a new position in the Brussels public affairs sector.
It’s not time to quit


A professional with 6 years of experience was in constant conflict with her boss. It was not a good time, however, to quit. She wanted to learn techniques to help her manage the situation and keep her job.


  • Coaching to identify strategies to diffuse conflict, return to a productive working relationship and better manage stress.
  • Test new strategies at work and adapt as needed.


  • She learned practical strategies to collaborate with her boss and decided not to quit her job. She reported that coaching helped her manage other conflicts better at work and in her personal life.
Re-energising a team


A company had just restructured their public affairs team and staff were insecure and unmotivated as a result. Many were ready to quit. The company needed to re-energise the team, and fast.


  • Team coaching to listen and understand the concerns of the team and translate them into a positive vision for the future.
  • Individual coaching for the team leader to better manage change and respond to team concerns more effectively.


  • The team regained motivation and learned to deal with change in a more relaxed manner. All team members stayed on board.


Coaching can take place in-person or online. It is always confidential and you define the scope. We’re flexible and do our best to work around your needs. Learn more about our approach: schedule a free meeting today to talk about your goals.


Most clients typically require a minimum of 5 sessions, lasting 1-2 hours each. Since professional and personal development is a continuous process, some of our coaching relationships last for years. For others, coaching lasts just for a few weeks. It’s up to you.


We believe in systemic coaching that is focused on the interaction between you and your environment. It’s a solution-oriented approach based on your needs.

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