The EU without Britain – months ago, BREXIT did not seem a realistic option. Nobody in Brussels could imagine that the UK referendum could actually result in a decision against the EU. One day before the vote, we are not so sure anymore. Scenarios what will happen to companies, to British officials in the EU institutions, to trade with the UK, to Scotland are now being played through. The prospects are dire, and still, many British seem angry enough at the EU to opt for the island to try it on its own again. And many people from other countries agree – we just have to remember the more than close vote of an Austrian president, or take a look at Poland or Hungary.

The EU is at a difficult point in its development – and yet: especially in times like these, we also see the strength of the Union. The current climate of communication between member states is full of distrust and hurt emotions: pre-EU, this was an atmosphere that could easily result in war. Even if coming to satisfying agreements between 28 member states is difficult, even if some always pay and others always receive – the EU has come a long way to bring peace and economic prosperity to a culturally very diverse area. Let’s stop complaining about its weaknesses – let’s support the EU instead and improve on it! One way is with a new job. And if you want to get in or out of an EU job and don’t know how, don’t forget that this week is your last chance to sign up to the „Transferable Skills“ workshop in Brussels on 30 June.

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