2016 brings a long list of EU-political topics: no more safe harbour since February, the Commission has started a heavy battle against corporate tax evasion, migration remains the most urgent problem to solve, the regulation of firearms scares hunters and hobby weapon users across the EU. The Digital Agenda peaks around the corner with a wagonload of initiatives for 2016. And those are just the most urgent ones. EU Public Affairs professional that you are, these topics probably all sound familiar. Some of you might wonder however: What on earth does this list have to do with my next job?

Everything! Public Affairs professionals are needed where complex regulatory issues arise. If you read political developments correctly, you know where to search for your next career opportunity, and where an initiative application might prove successful.

That’s right up your alley?
Then it’s a good time to have a good look at our job listings at politjobs.eu. Highlight your specialisation in your CV and demonstrate in your cover letter that you can see the important regulatory trends, threats and opportunities for your potential future employer.

Your specialisation is in a completely different area?
This does not have to be a knockout criterion. It’s a question of timing. Contact your potential employers before it gets urgent. Talk – or write – about upcoming opportunities or threats and what to do about them. No guarantee, of course: once the job search is urgent, specialists are needed who can hit the ground running. However: Public Affairs professionals can be best when they can come in early.

So this week’s recommendation from our side: the better aware you are of the bigger political trends in Brussels, the more you can target your job search and demonstrate knowledge – something employers value greatly. Good luck and all the best!

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