Leadership qualities in Public Affairs – what are they, and are they necessary at all?

Public Affairs professionals tend to move up to Head-of-Office positions quickly, but then most of them discover that the teams they can head count something between „me-myself-and I“ and maximum 3 staff members, that headquarters forget about their satellite office leaders, and that career ladders are therefore short.

So what is the use of learning leadership skills? Where can public affairs professionals apply them? Well, leadership skills are not only for leaders. The most important skills today are the ability to think ahead, to understand how your team ticks – and other groups you work in, how groups in general form and develop – and what your role is, and finally, how to motivate others despite the limited information you might have yourself. As public affairs professionals, we need leadership skills when we chair association working groups, when build issue alliances, and when we rally for support in our companies or associations. And we need these skills if we ever wish to advance further within, or when we plan to leave the Public Affairs „Bubble“: communication skills and leadership abilities are the strongest transferable skills that public affairs professionals can market outside their core profession.  These skills get you up the corporate ladder in other fields, and into new positions with other employers.

Don’t just think about it – get going and learn more about group dynamics, leadership, transferable skills and how to market yourselves inside and outside your current job or sector. For instance by joining us in the new format of high-intensity leadership workouts: concise information and interactive learning in a very short amount of time. It is guaranteed that you will sweat:

12 May 2016, 13.00-15.00, Berlin (German; super-special) (www.leadershipworkouts.eu)
Job, Gehalt und Einfluss: wie positioniere ich mich am besten?

2 June 2016, 12.30-14.30, Brussels:
Job, influence salary – how to best position yourself. High-intensity workout for women in public affairs (www.imconsult.eu/training)

29 June 2016, 12.30-14.30, Brussels:
How to make it out of the EU “Bubble”: discover your transferable skills (www.imconsult.eu/training)

To win a free place, choose your favorite workshop, put it the subject line and send an Email to: im@politapps.eu

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